World Literature is a new(-ish) program being offered at Simon Fraser University. It has a more global outlook than English or Comparative Literature, which primarily concern themselves with authors from the Western world (ie. the UK, the USA, Canada, etc.). World Literature students read everything from epic poetry to graphic novels, from both the East and the West (and the North and the South). We try to view literature not just in terms of how it relates to us, but in relation to it’s cultural context.

There is a strong interest among World Literature Students in travel, and they are encouraged to study abroad. Many of us choose to go on exchange , like Sydney, who is currently studying in Scotland. Also, as of 2009, SFU’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will be partnering with Monash University’s Faculty of Arts to give students the opportunity to complete a double degree with SFU and one of Monash’s campuses.

Although it is a relatively new, SFU’s World Literature program is already garnering interest in the literary community. This past year, a number of students from the World Literature program went east, to attend the ACLA (American Comparative Literary Association) conference at Harvard University. We intend to be a part of the conference next year, when it goes to New Orleans. And we’ve been told that in 2011, SFU will be hosting this event, which draws hundreds of scholars from around the world.

The World Literature Student Union started last year and we’re hoping to really get things going this year. We are interested in increasing our presence at SFU, and our involvement in community events. Look on our Events page to see what’s on the horizon for the WLSU.



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