President: Brittany Vesterback

I’m Brittany and I’m a third year World Literature Major. I helped edit and design the premiere issue of Lyre Magazine, and am Managing Editor for this year’s edition. In my first year, I was among the group of SFU World Literature students to travel to attend the ACLA Conference at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. I have been a promoter of the ACLA at SFU since then, and will be attending the conference this year, when it comes to Vancouver.

Vice President of Operations: Sydney Vickars

I’m Sydney and I’m a very keen and committed member of the World Literature community. I have been around since the program’s conception and I am in the fourth year of my degree with a major in World Literature and a minor in History. I plan on continuing my education with graduate studies upon graduation. I plan on pursuing a career in academia and am particularly interested in Italian literature and translation studies. I’m very excited to be representing the WLSU this year in the capacity of VPO and I’m looking forward to a great year!

Treasurer: Krisandra Reid

I’m Krisandra, a fourth year World Literature Major. In addition to being the Poetry Editor on the premiere issue of Lyre Magazine, I submitted the art piece The Post-Colonial Gaze. I am deeply involved in local theatre, working with both Surrey Little Theatre and Bard in the Valley, and running theatre camps in the summer. I am interested in French literature and I will be attending the Vancouver ACLA Conference this spring.

Vice President of Event: Dusty Yurkin

I’m Dusty, a third year student majoring in World Literature and minoring in Publishing. I’m involved with the Lyre World Literature magazine, helping with the design and the layout. After my degree, I’m planning on possibly coming back for my masters in publishing at some point, and hopefully working in the magazine/design industry.

SFSS Representative: Alex Anaya

I’m Alex, a fourth year World Literature Major and Linguistics Minor. Born and raised on the mean streets of Burnaby, I have been led to SFU’s World Literature Program so, after a couple years, I finally decided to get involved with the department’s student union in order to help improve the student body’s cohesion and presence at SFU. This is my second term serving as the World Literature Student Union’s Forum Representative. I particularly enjoy reading Japanese literature and would like to pursue a future career involving it in some way. Thanks in part to the support of the WL faculty, I was able to go on a semester-long exchange to Osaka, Japan to study about Japanese culture last semester. To say the least, it was an interesting experience featuring much traveling, shopping, learning language and culture, and even an appearance on television.




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